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There are many cases in which criminal law lawyers are indispensable. If you are ever in need of legal defense in a civil or criminal case, or both, this is the type of counsel you will need to seek.If you are not able to pay for a lawyer upon the time of your arrest, you will be appointed one through the state who will stand for you at your initial arraignment. This will not last throughout the duration of your legal battle, however, so you will need to find a way of retaining a criminal law lawyer of your own before your trial begins.There are many resources available to you today along the lines of searching for a lawyer, but you will be required to pay a retainer fee before most lawyers will join in on your case and defend you in court.Criminal law lawyers are experienced and up to speed on the laws and procedures regarding such instances as hit and run accidents, stalking, aiding and abetting, eluding and officer, murder, criminal trespass, and a great many other issues on both the civil and the criminal sides of the law.There are very times when it is considered wise to attend court or to enter a plea without the assistance and advice of a lawyer.This is because your rights are not protected properly. When you are charged with a crime, it is not only your job to know what you are being accused of, but what the prosecution has to be able to prove in order to have you convicted of the crime.The burden of proof is on the prosecution, but depending upon the evidence, witnesses, and on what you say, this can be quite easy for them to achieve. Even being present at the scene of a crime can turn into a conviction for you if you are not protected by someone who knows your rights and how to protect them.On the other side of crime, these specialists are quite helpful to the prosecution of both civil and criminal cases.When you or a family member are the victim of a crime, there are many avenues that you may travel down in order to find the right lawyer for your case.If yours is a case of felony wrongdoings against you, you will be offered the state prosecutor and will be in great hands. In civil matters, you will need to produce a retainer and pay for your own private criminal law lawyer.Whatever your circumstances, criminal law lawyers deal with both sides of the law, both the defense and the prosecution.In order to find the right attorney for your case, it is important that you interview each prospect well and get a good feel for their experience and reputation. If you are not comfortable with your attorney, this could cause issues with understanding and trust later on during the case, and both of these are crucial to your success in court.