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Criminal law covers all offenses by an individual against the State. A crime is always against the State, and when a criminal is punished, it is a retribution for the State. There are several types of criminal law cases that are tried in the courts. These crimes are generally categorized into General Offenses, DUI/Traffic Offenses, Sex Offenses, White Collar Crimes, and other miscellaneous offenses that can be tried in courts.General offenses include aggravated assault, kidnapping, manslaughter, robbery, murder, embezzlement, false statements, perjury, resisting arrest, theft, among other crimes that fall under general offenses. Crimes that fall under traffic/DUI are drag racing, aggravated driving, aggravated DUI, driving on suspended license, endangerment, reckless driving, extreme DUI, and misdemeanor DUI among others.Sex offenses are those committed against the chastity of the person. Whether you are a man or a woman, so long as you were offended in some way in relation to your person, pertaining to your gender, the act itself can still be considered as a sex offense. This includes sex abuse, molestation of a child, sex assault, public sexual indecency, computer crimes, failure to register as a sex offender, and public misconduct with a minor.White collar crimes are those that are considered as environmental crimes, fraudulent schemes, extortion, money laundering, professional licensing issues, regulatory crimes, and racketeering.Even with the diversity of crimes that are adjudicated daily, once you are charged with any of these crimes, or you happen to be a victim, you should seek out the counsel of a good lawyer to defend you and your rights in the proper court of law. While it is true that anyone can file a criminal case in the courts, it is imperative for you to seek the advice of a good criminal lawyer. If you were the victim, and you happen to find yourself terribly abused, you always have the option to seek redress in court. And, if you are the one arrested because of a criminal charge, you are also entitled to equal protection by the court since you are still presumed innocent until the court has convicted you of the crime being charged.Crimes against the person per se, such as murder, vehicular manslaughter, assault, and rape usually involve a greater degree of punishment since life was directly inflicted upon. Although in rape, depending on the circumstances, life may have not been taken but the injury caused is always for a lifetime. More often, these cases capture the public interest than petty crimes such as shoplifting or drug possession. On the other hand, robbery, perjury, and computer crimes are adjudged based on the degree of damage that the criminals have caused either against the person or the property.

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Criminal law always follows right after civil law and in most cases the government will file a lawsuit in a civil trial is not successful.there a many offenses that fall under the category of criminal law such as treason and espionage which falls into crimes against any one state. If you rape, murder or assault this falls into a crime against any one person. It allows you to punish the person who has committed a crime whether it is against any person or any state. There are many lawyers that specialize in criminal law and if you are in need of an attorney you want to find one that knows this type of law.Learning about criminal law is easy to do once you have the right material to educate yourself. In some cases you may live in a neighborhood and want to know if there are any registered criminals that live in your area. You can go online and find a police record search that can help you get this information. It is always a good idea for you to be informed and know what the laws are so that you and your family can be protected. In many cases someone who commits a criminal offense will have to stand trial and accept whatever punishment the court decides.Remember there are many reasons for you to educate yourself about criminal law. You may have defined an attorney one day they can help you or a family member who may be in trouble. It is always best to find a lawyer who is an expertise in this particular area of law.